The Nevada County Certified Growers Market is opening April 13th!

The market is opening in less than a week and we are busily preparing!  The weather has been good to us this spring.  We have been able to plant sugar and snow peas, fall onions, kale, and spring greens already.  Our asparagus will be ready for the first day of market and the strawberries are blooming three weeks earlier than last year.

plant starts 3rhubbarb

plant starts2 plant starts hardening up asparagus

Unfortunately, just as quickly as we have put in the fall onion starts, a rogue chicken has escaped the chicken run and dug them up for us! The old expression, “the grass is always greener . . .” seems to go for chickens, too.

Moses, our border collie, has found his calling in herding escape chickens.  He spends hours just watching the run, patiently waiting for a hen to escape. Then he tracks to the left, then right, as he slowly moves in on her. The last couple of feet to go, he will lunge forward and pounce, holding her body down with his paw, he will wait till we come over and tell him his a good dog.  It’s just amazing to watch how carefully and gently he holds the chicken, waiting for us.  Border collies love having a job.  Early on Moses decided sheep were too big and scary, but chickens –the perfect job!

We have had 4 baby lambs arrive this last week. They prance around in the grasses, jump in the air, and tumble with each other.  It’s amazing how much they act like little kids.lamb brothers Easter lambs2 4 lambs chatting


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